1. SKETCH (Pen used: Airbrush)

2. LINEART (Pen used: Pen fade and Watercolor Pencil)

3. Base tone and skin tone

Adding a tint of yellow on blush would be nice too.

4. Simple background (my eye hurts, the hair is white also the background. Can’t color properly)

5. Hair render ( •White Hair• Shadow: dark gray, almost blue. Mix the skin color on some parts of hair that hangs around the face. Add highlights and reflective lights Blending modes: Add (for strong highlights) and screen (soft highlights, reflective)

6. Clothes render

7. Eyes and collar render

8. Gold render

9. Adding additional strands (Layer should be at the top of line art layer)
Pen used: Pen fade and Watercolor Pencil

10. Different effects to enhance the artwork: The color of lineart is too thicc (reduced to 70~80%, added blending mode: “Add” to give the lineart a soft color, added bubbles because Idk lmao)

It’s your choice if you want that soft looking artwork or not. You can skip this.